Replace Slide-To-Unlock With Pinch-To-Unlock With This Jailbreak Tweak

Apple doesn’t give many customizing options to iOS users but that doesn’t stop them from doing it because by Jailbreaking, an iOS device can be freed from those tight Apple rings. There are thousands of Cydia Tweaks that let you customize your iOS device as much as you like, making your iOS device perfect for you. Think Slide-to-unlock is too mainstream or just too bored with the same gesture again and again to unlock your device? Well now you can pinch to unlock your device with a new Jailbreak tweak simply called “Pinch to Unlock”.

The name gives it all away and it is not a bad thing either because this tweak carries out the pinching to unlock gesture perfectly. There are no settings or other stuff to tweak inside Pinch to Unlock, just install it and you’re ready to show off your new geeky unlocking method to your friends. It is pretty simple actually. The only thing you might find confusing is that the traditional Slide-to-unlock button will still be visible and actively running on the lock screen even though Pinch to Unlock is in action.

Pinch to Unlock can be downloaded for free from the ModMyi repo on Cydia. So there’s one little downside to it but it’s free, isn’t it? So why not give it a try? You might even end up liking it.

iOS 6.0.1 Is Now In Testing Stages- iOS 6.1 Coming Soon After Christmas Holidays

Those Apple fans who lined up for a shiny new iPhone 5 or pre-ordered it beforehand should already start expecting another free instagram followers software upgrade by iOS 6.0.1 and is currently testing it. And there is also news of the iOS 6.1 software upgrade but apparently, it isn’t expected to be released until before the Christmas holidays so those Apple fans who were hoping for the iPad Mini (or whatever Apple calls it) to run a new OS should lower their hopes.

iOS 6.0.1 is reported to bring a few bug improvements such as fixing the screen flickering when the Garcinia Cambogia iPhone 5 keyboard pops up. This upgrade is also rumored to fix a pic.

But BGR editor is speculating about a whole new set of bugs which are to be fixed in iOS 6.0.1,

In addition, the new software will improve Wi-Fi support, fix cellular data not working in some cases, add a consolidated cellular data switch for iTunes Match, fix a bug that allowed access to Passbook pass details from the lock screen, and also finally fix the bug that caused Exchange meetings to be unexpectedly cancelled calendar invite group.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t look like Apple is bringing anything new with iOS 6.0.1.

Analysts believe that iPad mini will be the most expensive 7-inch tablet

We are only one day away from October 23 and finally the wait will be over when Apple will unveil its latest device called iPad mini. There is no need to mention why Apple is introducing a 7.85-inch version of its iPad but if you are curious then let me tell you that Apple wants to compete against those tablets that have been introduced by various companies and all of them consist of 7-inch screens. Due to small screen size, these devices fit quite easily in hands of a user and also in the pockets when it comes to the price.

Final pricing of iPad mini is yet to be revealed but on the basis of leaked data that we have seen in last 7 days, it is quite clear that the lowest fifa 14 coins price for a basic iPad mini is going to be around $329 to $359. Based on these speculations, analysts believe that Apple’s 7-inch tablet is going to be the most expensive tablet in this category

According to AllthingsD:

“The key question is whether Apple decides to price in-line with its margin model or does it get aggressive to go for the kill against competitors”,

The biggest competitors of iPad mini are Kindle Fire HD by Amazon and Nexus 7 by Google, both priced at $199. It is quite clear that with respect to price, iPad mini comes nowhere near to both these tablets but Apple will surely beat them in terms of quality and features.

How to Share Reminders from OS X or iCloud?

In these days, our computer is our life and our phones are our live-partners containing all our information, contacts, and calendar events as well as reminders. So losing a phone can be catastrophic but with modern cloud-based systems such as iCloud and Google Sync Services, the risk of losing your data is much less. If you want to share any lists, reminder or such thing with another person directly from the Reminders app in OS X (running 10.8.2 or higher) or iOS, you can do it by the following the steps below.

Note that the reminder you need to share has to be stored in iCloud. You can identify it in the Mac app under the iCloud sub header within the sidebar.

  1. Open the reminders app in OS X.
  2. Point your arrow on any iCloud based reminders and on the little broadcast icon that will appear.
  3. Just select the names of from your Contact list to which you want to share your reminder with and then click “Done”.

Apple has just recently added an option to share reminders directly from the iCloud website.

  • Simply Navigate to and add your credentials details.
  • Click on Reminders.
  • Select any reminder and click on the “RSS” button next to it.
  • Now, add the contact from your list.

That’s it! You can share reminders from Mac OS X or Windows. What do you think about this feature? Let’s know in the comments section below.

iBooks 3.0 Possibly Leaked, This Time By Apple Itself

Apple’s new stance on secrecy isn’t working out so well since the death of the legendary Steve Jobs. The new iPad was pre-predicted of bringing a Retina display and a minor upgrade in the processor and the only surprise it had was in the name. The iPhone 5 was a complete ditto of the leaks and rumors, and it looks like even the iPad Mini and the new iBooks won’t be a surprise. Just a few days ago, we had a report from The Next Web that Apple’s 26th October event is going to be more about iBooks than the iPad Mini but this time it is Apple itself that has contributed in an iBooks leak.

According to a screenshot of an eBook listing, which was first reported by and then reposted by The Next Web, the requirement of that eBook are asking for iBooks 3.0 or later.

This is what it says,

“This book requires iBooks 3.0 or later and iOS 4.2 or later.”

You may say that the requirements of an App/eBook are listed by the developer itself so it may have been just the developer’s mistake, but  TNW explains it for you,

“Developers can set certain requirements for their submissions, including hardware bits that are necessary to operate the app, and those are used to generate that section. But they cannot manually alter the text there, as it is generated by iTunes, so that rules out a typo on behalf of the submitting developer. This was definitely generated on Apple’s end of things.”

There is always the chance of a Typo by Apple’s side, but the chances of a typo just a few days before an Apple event are very few. And when you realize that iBooks 3.0 is also rumored to be the exact name of the next iBooks, then the chances of this being a typo seem even less than a big round zero.

Change the Default Voice & Accent of Text-To-Speech iOS [How-To]

Customization is one wish that a tech-lover cannot live without. And that is why we have the app world and a whole set of tutorial for us to do that. Apple doesn’t allow much room for customization but does have some excellent choice of things that can be changed. If you don’t like the voice and accent of that Siri voice or just want to have another voice reading up the text to you, then what will you do? Well you’ll Google it for a tutorial and here we are with one on changing the default voice and accent of the text-to-speech in iOS.

First, you will have to enable the text-to-speech(If you have done it then skip to step 4) and you can do it by,

  1. Tap on the Settings icon on your homescreen and then open up “General”.
  2. After that, open the “Accessibility” and choose “Speak Selection”.
  3. Turn it on.
  4. Now tap on “Dialects”, and then you can tap to choose your preferred voice/accent.

That’s it! if you are new to iOS and don’t know how to convert text-t0-speech, tap and hold a word or select a complete paragraph and select “Speak”.

Did this tip help you? Let us know in the comments section below.

85% iOS users delete free games after one day! Do you?

A gamer back in the 90s and the early 2000s wouldn’t have any idea if there would be anything like free games, but now it’s a kind of trend to offer free games to attract gamers towards that platform. And with the In-App-Purchase system, it is more than possible to offer a lot of games for free. iOS and Android both have their own App Stores with a lot of free and paid games.

However, iOS still has the best collection of games due to less device fragmentation. There is one thing with free games that is common in almost every user, if you have heard anything good about it or that game just looks good by the screenshots or the ratings, then you will certainly not resist in giving it a try. But according to a new study, most people lose their interest in these free games by 24 hours.

According to a new report from the audience management firm Playnomics which conducted a survey from millions of US gamers on its own network from July 1 to September 30, 85% of iOS users tend to delete most free games after just a day of use.

Some other facts it discovered with the help of its survey are,

  • Females churned at slightly higher rates than males, but also tended to play longer before taking off.
  • Players were more likely to play longer on Mondays and Saturdays rather than any other day of the week.

Add Multiple Camera Functionality Options To Your Camera With CameraTweak [Jailbreak Tweak]

The iPhone’s camera has been one of the best mobile cameras available in the market and with every iPhone camera getting better and better with more functionality options, it looks like it will soon be beating Point-And-Shoot cameras. Despite the new things Apple has added to the iOS 6’s camera app, there are still tons of features still lacking. Is there an app for that? Well now there is (but only for those lucky jailbroken ones), because CameraTweak can do that for you.

CameraTweak is a jailbreak tweak that, when installed, adds tons of new features to your iPhone’s camera app.

There are four additional tweaks which are added by CameraTweak. When you are in the Photo mode,

  • Advanced mode: The advanced mode gives you the functionality to swap out the combined exposure and focus reticle for two separate reticles geared towards handling exposure and focus. Each reticle can be positioned separately, and locked independently of one another using a tap and long hold.
  • Time Lapse mode: This photo-only mode it lets you capture time lapse photos over a specific preset interval of time. You can set your iPhone to take time lapse photos between 1 and 60 seconds or 1 and 60 minutes using this mode.
  • Timer: Well it’s pretty basic, it just lets you take photos after a set time.
  • Composition overlays: iOS has a built-in feature of doing a 9-block grid. This photo-only mode just adds three additional layouts to it.

And it doesn’t end at that, because it also has a different set of tweaks when you are in Video mode,

  • Advanced mode: Same as the advanced photo mode.
  • Custom Frame Rate: Set the frame rate of video capture between 1 and 60 frames per second with this mode.
  • Resolution: This mode lets you set the resolution of video capture on your iPhone with Low (3g transfer), Medium (Wi-Fi transfer), 352×288, 648×480 (VGA), 960×540, 1280×720 (720p HD), and 1920×1080 (full HD).
  • Aspect Ratio: This mode lets you select between three aspect rations. 4:3, 16:9, and 2:35:1 for capturing video.

With all these awesome features of CameraTweak, it comes as quite a pleasant surprise that it is available from Cydia for just a 99 cents so you should better grab it before the developer decides to raise the price. This tweak is available on the BigBoss repo of Cydia.

iPad 4 may be available in market by mid-2013 having same design

Just wait for next Tuesday and you will see the smaller version of Apple’s iPad called iPad mini, some improved features about iBooks, a few fresh Mac devices and may be an updated iPad 3 as customers in UK are waiting for an iPad that supports 4G LTE technologies for them. All this can happen on October 23 and I personally think that this is enough for a single day. However, people in the rumor-mill can’t rest and we are hearing new rumors about alleged iPad 4 to be available by mid-2013.

This time, the rumor is coming from Asia suggesting that Apple has instructed its suppliers to start preparing for the fourth generation iPad as they would like to launch it in mid-2013. It is also rumored that Apple has no intentions to change the manufacturing design of iPad 4 and it will most like look like the older versions however, specifications will be improved. They might simply the design a little bit more but it is still the matter of time.

The news has been leaked by DigiTimes, which may not be considered a very reliable source but when it comes to supply chain issues, their reports often turn out to be true.

According to reports, the new iPad will have the same design, size and dimensions but the hardware model will be simplified to make it look more elegant and easy to use. Many customers are not happy with the light produced by LED chips in iPad 3 so obviously, the iPad 4 will have a sufficient amount of LED chips used in it.

iPad mini may not be available in market until November 2

As we will be able to take first look at iPad mini by Apple, next Tuesday and we also know that only after 3 days, Microsoft will be launching its Surface tablet so rumors are here that you may not be able to get your hands on iPad mini until November 2. Well, the event will be held on October 23 because invitations are already out but device will be available in market by November 2. Same thing happened with the launch of iPhone 5, as it was revealed on September 12 but stores could only start distribution from September 21.

According to Geeky-Gadgets, their sources have told them that the iPad mini will hit retail stores on November 2 in UK, USA, Canada and some other countries. We can consider this report authentic because the same source leaked the distribution date of iPhone 5 and they weren’t wrong at that time.

We still don’t know what Apple is thinking and why they want to start selling the new device on November 2 and why can’t they let people buy the device before Microsoft launches its own tablet as it could be a great chance for Apple to spoil Microsoft’s party.

The main issue can be from production department because we have seen the same problems emerging at the launching of some other Apple devices. Anyways, we will have to wait and see if they start selling iPad mini on October 26 or November 2.